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It all started with a problem – how can sensors be integrated into products in a simpler, more designfree and more sustainable way? 

InnoME founder, Eike Kottkamp, as head of development of the Erwin Quarder Group, developed the vision of building sensors on foil material. This allows a completely new way of thinking about sensor technology and opens up new fields of application, such as sensors for consumables, flexible sensors for wearables or component-adapted and designfree sensors that are wrapped around a catheter.

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“We have created accensors in order to realize new types of problem-solving sensor technology – for our customers, for our society, for us. “

As pioneers in the development, production and system integration of foil sensors, foil actuators and foil emitters, accensors has developed new possibilities for the realization of data sources – “Measure, where you haven't been before”

accensors is a business unit of innoME GmbH, which was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Erwin Quarder Group. Today, we are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, chemists, physicists and biologists who are passionate about developing and implementing new sensor solutions at our locations in Munich and Espelkamp.

We want to realize customized and customer-oriented foil sensors, inspire our customers and end users and provide valuable and sustainable knowledge through sensor data.


Our home, where it all began …

InnoME GmbH

The innoME GmbH develops sensor-based products which serve as data source and are digitally anchored.

Further business units of innoME GmbH are PHABIOC which offers innovative analysis products in the field of pharmaceutical industry and zenCELL which offers intelligent products in the field of laboratory.

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Erwin Quarder Group

The Erwin Quarder Group develops and produces plastic hybrid components for automotive applications worldwide. Its core competence is product development, injection moulding tool technology, the establishment of production automation and, finally, the high-quality production of plastic hybrid components. 


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