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moisture sensor by accensors – More safety for your systems

What was the moisture sensor designed for?

Handling liquids can easily cause leakages.
These might result in expensive and unpleasant damages. We have developed a foil-based moisture sensor to secure the tightness of our costumers’ plants’ and to warn them early enough in case of leakages.

ACO moisture sensor

Picture of accensors moisture sensor

The foil sensor is equipped with electrodes to detect moisture capacitvely. PET material is used as the carrier and embedded in printed isolation.
To save the contact areas they have been stocked with oxidation protection.

Development Status Quo

Technology readniess level – TRL 8

To reach this goal we manufactured and validated the first pilot batch, quality and features of the materials were also controlled and validated.

  • First production of our moisture sensors is finalized
  • Corresponding manufacturing issues have been solved

Manufacturing readiness level – MRL 9

  • Production
  • Goals for quality, costs and performance have been reached

Evaluating the moisture sensor

The foil sensor can be connecting to the measuring electronic through a ZiF connection or via accensors connect. To evaluate the sensor data you can either use the accensors App  (Android, Apple, Windows) or even integrate the sensor in your existing evaluation process..

Image of an accensors device for evaluating the data of the moisture sensor.

Improved safety

The sensibility of the sensor detects leakages in your system even through small amounts of liquids in short time and helps to avoid bigger damages. The accensors moisture sensor is ideal for monitoring hose or pipe connections and helps to ensure that those are really tight.

Individually customizable

Our foil sensor are individually customizable according to your needs. You and your application do not have to fit to our sensors. Your sensor is designed to perfectly fit your application and to deliver required performance. Tell us your demands and we are going to find the best concept togteher with you.