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Welcome to accensors

Your partner for foil-based sensors, actuators and emitters.

“Measure, where you haven’t been before”

Flexible, elasctic, shapeable, combinable, consumable, flat, no design restrictions, multiparametric, integratable

You want your product to be smart and intelligent?
You are looking for suitable sensors for your applications?

accensors offers a wide range of standard foil sensors and develops customer-oriented foil sensors just as you request.

We deliver, manufacture and develop various sensors, actuators and emitters, all based on foil.

  • ranging from 6µm to 2mm (and more) foil thickness 
  • from PP, PS to PI and PEEK as foil material
  • from individual sensors to multiparametric sensor arrays
  • from usage in gear oil to in-vivo applications

Foil sensors provide new insights and findings at positions, which cannot be reached by conventional sensor technology due to size or cost structure.

Our Porfolio

sensors, actuators and emitters
Unser "Foliensensor Knowlegde" Schaubild stellt dar, welche Möglichkeiten unsere gedruckten Sensoren bieten. Neben dem Aufbau eines Sensors sind Parameter wie temperature, pressure, conductivity, pH, druck, Impedanz, Feuchtigkeit, Schall & Ultralschall, sowie viele andere Parameter wählbar. Desweiteren ist auch das Design eines gedruckten Sensors frei gestaltbar. B


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Our Updates

Single cell detection

We at accensors are constantly researching and developing new sensor ideas and concepts. Our goal is to detect new parameters, […]

Wearable smart patch for medical monitoring and diagnosis

More sustainable wearable patch sensors for greater patient comfort   At accensors, we are intensively involved with foil-based sensor technology that can be used close to the body. In joint development with Covestro, a concept for reusable smart patches with greater functionality and improved wearer comfort has emerged.   Wearable smart patches are used in medical technology for diagnosis and long-term monitoring of patient vital […]

Our standard sensors can be read out with the “accensors evaluation device” and the freely available “accensors app”.

Test it – easy measurements and monitoring

Try-out-foil sensors  – Follow to find our evaluation device

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Evaluation-board is available in this stores

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2019 focus on foilsensors

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2020 made sensors happen

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2021 Prognostic – New Sensor possibilities  


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2022 (–available in November 2021–)