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Pressure sensors

Pressure or force detection is used in a wide variety of applications. Whether in the measurement of body weight, the detection of forces in screw connections, or even the pressure in liquid or gas-carrying systems is monitored by pressure sensors. Due to the geometrical freedom of design, our foil sensors can be individually adapted to your environment and general conditions.  Whether shoe sole, sealing flange or infusion tube, we adapt to your requirements


Pressure CPS001

“For pressure measurement in small value ranges“ 

Datenblatt Pressure CPS001-25SA-18Cu-PI25-FI_V0.1

Pressure CPS001

„For pressure measurement in medium value ranges“ 

Datenblatt Pressure_CPS001-30SA-18Cu-PI25-FI_V0.1

Pressure CPS001

For pressure measurement in high value ranges“ 

Datenblatt Platzhalter