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Smart agriculture – maximizing agricultural productivity with the help of sensors

To increase harvest productivity and create the ideal conditions for plant growth, farmers need more information about the soil and its nutritional values.

Using the data from an agricultural sensor, the selection and amount of fertilizer can be determined, and the need and frequency of its use can be planned to increase the productivity of the fields.

Our approach to foil sensors in smart agriculture

To support farmers and make their fields smart, we at accensors are working on a prototype that can provide these parameters.

By using a special protective cover, our accensors device can also be used for applications in agriculture. For this purpose, a foil sensor with e.g. sodium, pH and phosphate can be attached to the outside of the housing. This allows the device to be used directly in the soil and monitor the environmental parameters.

Together, we want to make agriculture intelligent with the help of our foil sensors. This should lead to higher yields and a more targeted use of fertilizers in the future. In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for partners with whom we can further advance smart agriculture.