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Temperature measurements in critical media

Three different temperature foil sensors for temperature measurements in different critical media

Temperature measurements in critical media e.g. acetone sulfiric acid, other acids or alkalis often trouble our customers. Conducted with conventional sensors, these measurments can only be done with great effort and expense due to encapsulation and tightness. This negatively affects the response time of the temperature sensors.

We at accensors have a solution.
With our foil sensor technology it is possible to build up sensor elements like temperature sensors directly on and in appropriate media resistant foil materials.

A temperature sensor built on PEEK material can easily be used in components with contact to aggressive media and this with an extremely fast response time due to the few micrometer-thin PEEK foil layer.
For example, a polyimide-based foil sensor is very suitable for temperature measurements in acetone.

Are you interested in temperature sensors for critical media with an extremely fast response time and a sensor design perfectly matched to your application?
Please do not hesitate to contact us.