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Foil sensor for precise temperature measurement

Flexibility meets precision

  • Flexible
    (bending threads less than 1mm possible)
  • Flat and thin
    ( foil thickness from 12µm)
  • Miniaturized
  • Precise
  • Extremely fast response times
    (T90 time at 0.1s)
  • Multiparametric
    (Can be combined with other sensors)
  • Sensor array capable
    (several sensors can be added to a sensor matrix)
  • Bio- and hemocompatible through appropriate
    foil cover

Heraeus Nexensos and accensors start a strategic cooperation to integrate miniaturized temperature sensors on foil sensors.

Foil sensors are primarily used in the areas of wearables, medical products, diagnostics, but also in the automotive and industrial environment. Parameters to be measured include pH, conductivity, humidity, pressure and temperature. Precise temperature measurement is of central importance both as a measured variable and as a reference variable for other sensors.


Temperature sensor expert Heraeus Nexensos and foil sensor expert accensors will jointly develop solutions as part of a strategic cooperation to integrate precise temperature sensor elements into highly integrable foil sensor elements and application-specific foil sensors. In particular, miniaturized temperature sensors of the microRTD series will be used, which enable new applications with a footprint of only 0.6 × 0.3 mm and a height of less than 50 µm. In combination with ultra-thin foils with material thicknesses of 12 µm, extremely flat foil sensor systems with an overall profile below 100 µm can be realized. 

The two partners are combining their expertise to increase the measurement accuracy of the foil sensors by integrating the newly developed temperature sensors and to expand the application areas of foil sensor technology. In interaction with other platforms, multiparametric foil sensor systems are realized in order to guarantee the most significant condition detection possible, adapted to the application.

We see the use of microRTD temperature sensors as a complementary technology to our foil sensors manufactured in printing technology. It is a synergy of our technological capabilities with the clear goal of delivering even more measurement accuracy and higher precision to our customers.

Eike Wilhelm Kottkamp, CEO innoME GmbH / accensors explains the importance of the strategic cooperation.  

The geometric design freedom and flexibility of the foil sensors from accensors, combined with the high-precision temperature sensor elements from Heraeus Nexensos, merge printed electronics and innovative SMD technology. The cooperation partners see this technology combination as forward-looking and are already working on sustainability concepts for the reuse of individual sensor elements in the area of consumable applications.

Heraeus Nexensos is the expert for maximum reliable temperature measurement and offers sensor elements and assemblies with the highest quality standards. The world market and technology leader for platinum thin-film technologies accompanies its customers from prototyping to large-scale production with production capacities in Europe and Asia.

accensors as a pioneer in foil sensor technology offers a standard portfolio of different sensor parameters, specializing in ion selective electrodes and biosensors. From development and qualification to series production and product integration, accensors provides customer solutions for applications in medical technology, diagnostics, agriculture and industry.

By combining different sensor technologies, we achieve a classic win-win situation: this is the point we see when using our microRTD temperature sensors in foil sensor systems. Thanks to our miniaturized, ultra-thin and bendable elements, the foil sensor systems remain flexible and are highly integrable in almost any application,

adds Christoph Hartnig, Global Head of Business Development at Heraeus Nexensos.

A strong partnership for precise high-end foil sensors