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SMD foil sensors and stripe foil sensors


The new kind of sensors

Puzzle your own sensor. No matter if you build your application in printed electronic PCB or FPC technology, you simply stick our SMD foil sensors on the end of the conductor track and you have a sensor system. No further processing is necessary, only …. take it, stick it, use it.
Let us inspire you with our ever growing SMD foil sensor portfolio.

Measure where you’ve never been before

Stripe-foilsensors can be used immediately for tests and measurements together with our Measurement Device. Unpack, plug in and start measuring.
At the tip of the stripe is the sensor, or even multiple sensors. At the end of the stripe are the contacts.

Precise measurement, easy analysis

With our Measurement Devices we directly supply the suitable evaluation electronics for our Stripe-foilsensors. Simply plug in the stripe and start measuring. The measurement data is transmitted via Bluetooth LE to the accensors smartphone app or to the accensors Lab app (Windows).

In addition, our handy and miniaturized Measurement Devices also provide other insights, such as room temperature, humidity, air pressure, brightness and motion.

So you get a comprehensive view of your measurement point through the stripe-foilsensor and the environment sensor technology integrated in the Measurement.


SMD foil sensors

Reference electrodes

Ref. short 01

Fast setup time, limited measurement stability. For applications with quickly required measured values and short measuring intervals (hours).

Ref. medium 01

Fast to medium setup time, short to medium measurement stability. For applications with measurement intervals of days.

Ref. long 01

Extended setup time, longer measurement stability. For applications with measurement intervals of several days to weeks.

You need a fast setup time and long measurement stability? No problem, we have the solution.

Build your Biosensor

We offer two Biosensor Stripe variants (Dive-in & Drop-on) in 3-electrode design (freely selectable sensing electrode, reference electrode and counter electrode), suitable for many standard potentiostats. 



The accensors Evaluation Device is a multifunctional measuring device that offers more than just measurement electronics. It is specifically designed for use with accensors foilsensors and allows easy and accurate measurement of various physical and electrochemical parameters. The instrument has an intuitive user interface that allows the user to quickly and easily take measurements and analyze data. It can be read using both desktop software and app and is used for laboratory testing as well as in real field conditions.

Remote Capable: Through a gateway (Bluetooth Internet), you can also easily send your measurement data to the cloud and review it from home.

Questions about our
commodity sensors?

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Our standard does not fit?

Are you looking for a sensor solution that is perfectly matched to your specific requirements? Then our Customized Sensors are exactly what you are looking for! Whether you need a special measurand or a unique shape, we work closely with you to develop a customized sensor solution that perfectly fits your needs. 

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